Picture a place where thoughts become actions, ideas become accomplishments and imagination becomes reality. There is such a place…and it’s called Jump Studios. Whether you’re looking for a playful spin or a serious twist, Jump skillfully brings your concept to life.

In 2006 following a late night pizza and beer session, General Manager Brian Vos and Creative Director Jeff August, designed a business plan with two key objectives…

• Establish Alberta’s premier post-production boutique
• Do outstanding work
…isn’t it great when a plan comes together?

Brian and Jeff bring over 50 years broadcast experience to Jump, but that’s not to say they are old guys! On the contrary, Jeff is a kid at heart and working at Jump Studios is like living in his own spectacular video game.

We could try to impress you with a detailed listing of our high-end technology (being self-admitted techno geeks), but we would rather let our shelves of national and international awards do the talking; Emmy’s, Telly’s, AMPIA’s, US Film Festival and Broadcast Design Awards.

Days filled with amazing creative energy incredible collaborations with some of the most inspired talent and clients from around the globe, Jump Studios is proud to be an industry leader specializing in the world of design, animation, visual effects and original creative.

And best of all, we’re loving every minute of it!

Meet the team:

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