Doing business thousands of miles apart. Why distance doesn’t need to be a distraction.

Cosmic Ltd., an ad agency out of Bermuda, contacted Jump Studios in early 2017 with a problem. They had seen some of our corporate work and wanted something similarly eye-catching for one of their clients. Something visually unique and story driven, not the same old corporate video. There was just one hesitation, working across a vast distance on a tight time-line.
Doing business at a distance can bring up some unique challenges; times zones, asset gathering and transfer, the approval process, and dealing with people you have never met before. You might like their work … but will you like them?
It was new to Cosmic but something Jump Studios excels at. With clients and vendors around the world Jump has developed a workflow bridging the distance with technology and team work. After walking Cosmic through a few scenarios for an international workflow, we got to work.
Cosmic wanted to create a video for their client that had a message of moving forward as a family of companies but it also had to have a sense of urgency. The video had to incorporate visuals familiar to the employees but be presented in a new and engaging way … and without the dreaded talking head. All of this had to happen in less than two minutes. Cosmic had a script and assets, but needed a unique design directive to drive the message home.
After a series of conference calls with Cosmic’s Creative Director, Sean Collier, and General Manager, Krista Barnes, creative was set. We would use existing still photos, video and newspaper headlines and edit them together in a series of hard and fast cuts. The visuals would reinforce the narrative written by Cosmic. Motion graphics and text would be technical in nature as the client owns a family of energy and infrastructure companies. Graphics and text would flash across the screen increasing the sense of urgency. The music needed to be intense and dramatic.
Assets were gathered and shipped via hard drive. Given Cosmic is based in Bermuda, talent was locally sourced and recorded to account for their specific accent. Jump Studios dialed into the recording session to offer some direction from afar. Within a week we had everything we needed to start working on their video.
We cut a first preview within a few days. A link to a low res comp was emailed to Cosmic. They got back to us within a few hours with initial feedback. Given the three hour time difference we were able to start those changes with the hours left in our work day.
A key element to working from a distance is to make the time zones work for you by scheduling resources accordingly. Time differences don’t have to be a hindrance, they can actually work to everyone’s advantage. Another key element is to keep the client looped in on progress every step of the way either by email, phone call, or instant messaging on platforms like Skype. Clients are putting their trust in vendors they have never met and perhaps never will. Building a relationship via digital communication tools is critical.
With our second cut and first full graphics pass, it was time for another creative conference. We were heading in the right direction but it was time to massage all the elements. Sometimes a phone call is all it takes. After that conference call it was on to the third pass of the video to smooth out the details. A day later they had a final preview in their hands. A text tweak or two plus some additional logos for the back-end treatment and we had final sign-off.
From the time assets were received to final approval was three weeks. Cosmic hit their deadline with their client and the video played to employees at a company-wide event. We’ve been told the video hit the right mark. Everyone heard the message and knew why it was important and urgent. It was one video that has led to several other projects. Cosmic has a post-production house they can count on and we have a new international client.
Working remotely, or at great distances, doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. It can be as smooth as having your client right next door.

‘When we were searching for a video production team we needed a partner, not a vendor; someone with whom we could discuss ideas and work collaboratively with despite tight timelines and different timezones. We found exactly that with the Jump team – they worked hard to really understand what we were trying to achieve, were never short of fresh ideas and executed a professional result for our client. Together, we achieved our objectives and left a lasting impact on our audience. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or work with Jump in the future.’

– Sean Collier, Creative and Managing Director, Cosmic Ltd. Bermuda.