So many cameras! Too many workflows… and lots of questions.

With the advent of affordable digital cinema cameras that capture the dynamic range of film, producers, directors, editors and cinematographers are asking how they can benefit from this digital revolution.

LookLabs, a division of Jump Studios, is at the forefront of this technology.  We have developed SpeedLooks – a color science technology that transforms lifeless digital images into rich vibrant 35mm looking footage.  True 35mm emulation is now at everyone’s fingertips.

Jump Studios and LookLabs are proud to announce that we have a complete workflow solution for Canon’s new entry into the market – the C-500.  It’s a 4k camera that captures an amazing image, with incredible color depth.

When combined with LookLabs’ color science software SpeedLooks, the RAW footage is transformed into a rich, personality-filled, filmic 35mm image.

Check out our site or better yet give us a call to book a demonstration of SpeedLooks first hand.


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