Picture a place where thoughts become actions, ideas become accomplishments and imagination becomes reality. There is such a place…and it’s called Jump Studios. Whether you’re looking for a playful spin or a serious twist, Jump skillfully brings your concept to life. In 2006 following a late night pizza and beer session, General Manager Brian Vos and Creative Director Jeff August, designed a business plan with two key objectives…

• Establish Alberta’s premier post-production boutique
• Do outstanding work …isn’t it great when a plan comes together?

Brian and Jeff bring over 50 years broadcast experience to Jump, but that’s not to say they are old guys! On the contrary, Jeff is a kid at heart and working at Jump Studios is like living in his own spectacular video game. We could try to impress you with a detailed listing of our high-end technology (being self-admitted techno geeks), but we would rather let our shelves of national and international awards do the talking; Emmy’s, Telly’s, AMPIA’s, US Film Festival and Broadcast Design Awards.

Days filled with amazing creative energy incredible collaborations with some of the most inspired talent and clients from around the globe, Jump Studios is proud to be an industry leader specializing in the world of design, animation, visual effects and original creative. And best of all, we’re loving every minute of it!

The Team


Jeff August

Partner / Creative Director

If you’ve watched any of the main Canadian or US networks, chances are you’ve already caught a glimpse of some of Jeff’s work.  As director, editor and designer, he hits the television industry “trifecta”. His one-of-a-kind skill set is in high demand throughout North America, and for good reason.  Jeff possesses a rare blend of creative excellence and astute technical ability, with 20 years’ experience to back it up.


Brian Vos

Partner / Business Affairs

When you have a question about the film and television industry, you can trust Brian has the answer, and he’ll be happy to share it with you. His realm of experience includes both live and post-produced programming, corporate communications, special event marketing, media strategy and buying, brand marketing and management, as well as project management of broadcast design and animation packages. The meticulous attention he puts into every project guarantees his clients a product of excellence.


Jennifer Avis

Partner /General Manager

What was supposed to be a career as a broadcast news reporter has turned into something else entirely. Jennifer started her media career more than 20 years ago as a radio announcer in a small Northwestern Ontario town. But the lure of the big city was too much to resist so she moved to Calgary making the leap into television reporting. News producing followed and after several years of staying ahead of tight newsroom deadlines, she made the move into content production.


Liz Bugera


At the age of 16 you would either find Liz in the edit suite or cable television remote truck in the small town of Cranbrook, BC. Fast forward to a couple years later and you would find her assisting a Casting Director and acting as a Production Assistant on a Dairy Queen commercial shoot. At an early age Liz knew the TV/Film industry was in her blood and felt like a second home.


Bharat Sarwaiya

Art Director / Designer

Bharat is an award winning Director/ Designer with masters in art history, Bharat is an active artist with several solo and group art exhibitions under his sleeve. His work reflects a strong, yet fine, modernist approach towards design, typography and animation. He also dabbles in filmed art, sound design, music and photography.Art


Brock Roberts

Graphics & Editing

A voracious reader, he brings his love of story to all of his projects. It shows in the short films and award winning projects he has worked on. He is always looking for those special moments to make a piece shine. Some of his favourite Jump projects are the Lux Windows commercials; all are story driven with a humorous twist … a twist Brock interprets like no one else, getting laughs every time